Cory K. Costello

Postdoctoral Fellow in Emotion and Self-Control Lab

University of Michigan

Cory Costello is a postdoctoral fellow in the Emotion and Self-Control Lab (PI: Ethan Kross) at University of Michigan, Department of Psychology. His research interests include Personality (who we are), Interpersonal Perception (what people think about us), Reputations (what people say and hear about us), how these are manifest in online environments, and the extent to which they’re recoverable from digital footprints. He combines survey, experimental, and data scientific methods in pursuit of these interests. He is an open science and R enthusiast. His methodological interests include social network analysis, predictive modelling / machine learning, text analysis, structural equation modelling, hierarchical linear modelling.


  • Personality Assesment & Development
  • Interpersonal Perception & Reputation
  • Data Science


  • PhD in Personality/Social Psychology, 2020

    University of Oregon

  • MA in Psychology, 2014

    Wake Forest University

  • BA in Psychology, 2012

    New College of Florida (The State's Honors College)